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At BodySculpture Nova in Vienna, West Virginia, we care about how you treat acne. Dr. Pat Palumbo has an understanding of the skin through his familiarization with cosmetic procedures and the body. He knows that acne is not a simple matter, but acne treatments Vienna can be. If you have persistent acne that has resulted in scarring or is bad enough it can create new ones, you might come to an expert to design a program that works for you.

What Acne Treatments Does BodySculpture Nova offer?

At our cosmetic center, we offer a variety of acne treatments Vienna. In truth, many of our facial enhancements can aid in the struggle against the development and progression of acne. However, our acne treatments can be broken down into two categories: those that deal with existing acne and those that deal primarily with acne scarring. Not being mutually exclusive, our acne treatments Vienna can help lay a great foundation for healthy skin later on. With proper self-care practices such as consistently cleaning your face, you may also help your skin deal with acne.


















How Does Dr. Palumbo Address Acne and Acne Scarring?

Dr. Palumbo combines noninvasive YAG laser treatments with antibiotic ointment, specifically designed for acne. This can effectively eliminate colonized bacteria that cause acne, while minimizing the problems acne creates (such as redness around pimples and small red bumps). Acne scarring is treated with laser ablation, peels and/or dermal fillers.

What Causes Acne?

Many myths surround acne, but it’s important to cut through the crap to understand why seeking acne treatments Vienna is important. Diet may cause acne, but their relationship is not clearly established. There is some evidence that milk (especially skim) may connect to acne, but not in a way to establish that milk causes it. All these factors make it important to note that poor hygiene, poor diet, wearing makeup, eating greasy foods and stress are not full or even partial explanations of why acne occurs.


Simply put, acne is a bacterial condition caused by the presence of P. acnes bacteria in the skin. Triggers for growth of P. acnes may be more to blame. Certain factors are clear. Hormonal changes and stress may cause it. Particularly severe acne may have a genetic link. In sum, the causes are not established.

Where Can We Treat Acne?

If you have acne on your face, we may confidently recommend a laser procedure. We may address other areas afflicted with acne differently, such as the neck, back, chest and shoulders. Regardless of area and treatment type, our goal is to eliminate acne and its impact, such as the cavernous scars like pits that disrupt the skin's texture.

















Why Should You Consider Acne Treatments Vienna?

Having acne can result in depression and stress, especially if acne scarring is severe. Our society cares a lot about physical appearance, and acne is often seen as a marker of unattractiveness, however temporary for some. In addition, acne is often believed to be a problem afflicting adolescents, so being an adult sufferer-a common predicament-carries its own stigma. People may assume that acne sufferers lack in hygiene, when really the problem is skin deep. Instead of accepting the acne as part of the appearance, you can proactively do something about it.  Plus, our acne treatments carry other cosmetic benefits. The YAG laser treatments can have tightening effects, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, to name a few pros!

What are Myths About Getting Rid of Acne?

Lots of people believe in a few practices to get rid of acne that just do not hold true. For instance, it’s commonly held that scrubbing can get rid of acne. If anything, scrubbing can irritate the skin and inflame or aggravate acne.

What are Some Tips for Managing Acne After Acne Treatments Vienna?

If you’re unsure how to treat acne daily, you should keep a few tips in mind. Consult with the doctor for more relevant information to your case.

  1. Wash your face frequently, especially after sweating.

  2. Be careful when shaving.

  3. Avoid touching your face and introducing more bacteria.

  4. Choose non-comodogenic or oil-free products.

  5. DON’T SQUEEZE OR POP pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.

  6. Use an acne medication, whether over-the-counter or prescribed. In more severe cases, we recommend a prescription such as retinol!

  7. Do not scrub the face. Again, be gentle with applying product.
















How Do the Different Acne Treatments Vienna Work?*

We may recommend laser skin resurfacing for acne scars that are particularly severe. The resurfacing procedure we offer can both stimulate new collagen and minimize the facial depressions characteristic of acne scars. It works by removing layer after layer of skin, allowing skin cells to replace the lost layer(s) and assume a tighter, healthier form. We also offer microdermabrasion which can remove layers of skin as well. In addition, we can fill in acne scars with dermal fillers. This may be a great option if you have acne scars in only a few places and want to plump up depressions, making skin appear even. Chemical peels can work with lighter cases of acne or light scarring. They make the skin appear to blister, causing skin to peel off to reveal a fresher layer underneath.

Did you know that laser treatments can actively reduce the P.acnes bacteria? Combined with an antibiotic, this can be an effective remedy!

Why Should You Do Something About Acne?

One very common idea about acne is that you should let it run its course. But the problem is, doing so may increase your risk for scarring. You may have dark spots and permanent or semi-pemanent scars. Plus, your self-esteem may improve after treating it.* Don’t suffer quietly when you can glow and have the skin you’ve been dreaming of. Our acne treatments Vienna work.



Consult Our Doctor at BodySculpture Nova


If acne has been a problem in your life for too long, consider that we are well-versed in the most effective acne treatments Vienna. Let’s find you a solution. Contact us for a consultation today.

*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.

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