spider vein removal vienna


Spider veins are the result of the most superficial level vascular network becoming enlarged. They vary in color from blue to purple to red and their continual branching is reflected by a spider web appearance. The Elite MPX ™ Laser heats up the blood within the spider vein causes coagulation and subsequent destruction of the vascular bed without scarring or harming the skin.


The appearance of treated vessels will change shades, turning from blue and purple into light red, then eventually disappearing in two to six weeks. Within a few hours following the spider vein removal Vienna procedure, bulging vessels or any inflammation will disappear.


Protection from the sun is highly recommended after a laser spider vein removal Vienna procedure at BodySculpture Nova. Medication containing Aspirin® should be avoided. An additional one to three laser spider vein removal treatments can be scheduled six weeks apart to treat new spider veins. Some vascular lesions may require additional treatments.

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spider vein removal vienna
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