Body Sculpt NoVa is taking precautions and Practicing Safety for our Patients and Team Members


When patients come into the office for a procedure or treatment, we want you to feel safe. 

These are the things the best cosmetic medical practices are doing to protect you and our staff:

  • Patients will be directly escorted to an assigned operatory or directly to treatment rooms. No waiting in any designated area.

  • Patient's must leave ALL personal items in car, coats, jackets etc. However, they can bring a purse or wallet, but must always keep the item on their person. 

  • Patients will be instructed to a ride and or companion/aid to stay in the car while being treated. In the event it is a child or aid they must go into the operatory or treatment room with the patient and must remain standing.  Nothing can be placed on counters or floors.


Staff SOP Covid-19

Following universal SOP for Covid-19. Please note some items are subject to change since this is new territory, these are general guidelines in practice.

• All staff are to wear PPE (personnel protective equipment). Lab jackets with, gloves, masks worn at all times by front staff. Providers and medical staff to wear gowns and bonnets and face shields, if available, in addition to the afore mentioned items.

• All patients will be gloves. Patients will call the office and a staff member will go triage to provide the gloves before entering office.

• There will be only 1-2 patients allowed in the office at one time and will be directly escorted to an assigned treatment room. 

• Barrier tape and chair covers can be used in the operatory for each patient.

• Cosmetic patients will call the office and staff will schedule treatments accordingly with 30-minute spaces between treatment. Patients will be given information on how to communicate to the office/staff via email and tele visits.

•  Staff will be contacting patients via regular phone calls to triage patients to see where they fall and how/ who may be seeing them.

• Days can/should be rotated as to what staff will be physically working in the office and social distancing should be practiced. 

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