Do you have extra fat that you wish would disappear? Are there other parts of your body that needs the extra fat to look healthier and younger? There are several parts of our bodies that have more fat then they are supposed to such as a person’s thighs. The words “extra fat” might seem dreadful, but extra fat itself can be appreciated. Even though there are parts of our bodies that have the extra fat we don’t want, there are parts of our bodies that do need the extra fat. For example, a person’s face, breasts, hands and buttocks may need extra fat to improve the appearance of volume. Extra fat can also improve the appearance of cellulite. But is there a procedure that can transfer the extra fat into another part of the body? The answer is yes! BodySculpture Nova located in Vienna, Virginia provides the procedure Fat transfer, which helps transfer fat where it is most needed.























What is Fat Transfer Vienna?


Fat transfer means exactly what it says. Fat transfer Vienna is a procedure that transfers fat to where it is needed to improve volume. Fat Transfer is also knowns as fat grafting or fat injections. The true definition of this unique procedure is taking the extra fat and inserting into areas that do not have that much volume. The extra fat is inserted into the following areas: *

  • Buttocks*

The extra fat is taken by Liposuction. The areas where the fat is taken from are:

  • the abdomen *

  • thighs *

  • the hips *

  • the lower back *





















How does Fat Transfer treat the buttocks?

Fat transfer can help the appearance of the buttocks by adding volume. *












Are there any benefits when it comes to
Fat Transfer Vienna ?

When it comes to Fat transfer and depending on the patient, the results may look natural. The results might look natural because it is the person’s own fat the doctor is using to improve the patient’s appearance. Since the procedure uses a person’s own extra fat, an allergic reaction should not occur. *






















How long do the results last?


Depending on the patient, results will vary. When doing this procedure please make sure the procedure is done by a professional surgeon or doctor. The results may last for a while, but the patient might need to get a touchup occasionally. *


Who is a suitable candidate when it comes to Fat Transfer?


If you have extra fat in unwanted areas and you want to change that then the Fat Transfer might be the procedure for you. If you want to add volume to certain areas, without the process of dermal fillers then fat transfer is for you. *


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*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary


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