At BodySculpture Nova we are proud to offer state of the art laser hair removal with the Cynosure 9300 coupled with the Smart Cool Cryo 5.

All treatments are performed by Dr Palumbo. Check out Dr. Palumbo's laser hair removal tips!

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal


  • Improved Self-Confidence:  Laser hair removal can help you feel and look your very best, no longer questioning yourself how you look when you expose "problem" areas.

  • Look Great:  Hair removal by laser can help you be free to enjoy smooth and sexy skin all the time. No more uncomfortable stages in between waxes or shaves.

  • Save Money:  Permanent hair removal laser treatments may seem expensive, but will save you money over time. In the long run, laser hair removal costs much less than continued waxing, electrolysis, shaving and other hair removal methods.

  • Save Time:  Free up your time with laser hair removal. Eliminate the daily or monthly hair removal routine, no longer having to think about missing your lunch hour to wax, or get electrolysis again. Wake up each morning and just go!

  • Eliminate Ingrown Hairs:  Ingrown hairs can cause discomfort and infections.


How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal works by focusing short pulses of intense light onto the skin. These beams of light are absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. The heat caused by this light absorption causes damage to the hair follicle and prevents future hair growth. Dr. Palumbo uses state of the art laser hair removal techniques with the Cynosure 9300 coupled with the Smart Cool Cryo 5.

Hair Grow Cycles

The growth of human hair in all body areas are cyclic. Phases of active hair growth (anagen) are separated by periods of quiescence or rest (telogen). In addition, an intermediate stage of transition, known as catagen, occurs between the active growth and cessation of growth. Between 85 and 90 percent of hair are in the anagen phase at any one time, with the majority of the remainder in telogen. Hairs that are in the anagen phase during removal are more sensitive to laser hair removal than hairs in the telogen or catagen phases. The cycle's length varies on different parts of the body. For eyebrows, the cycle is completed in around 4 months, while underarms and bikini lines about 4 weeks. This is the reason why the interval between treatments vary between different areas of the body.

How should I prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

Be aware: you cannot undergo laser hair removal if you have a tan from sun exposure or sunless tanning products; you must wait until the tan completely fades. Make sure you let the technician know if you've recently tanned. That's because a tan increases the risk of blistering and discoloration after treatment. To be on the safe side, you should avoid sun exposure four to six weeks before treatment.

The day before having laser hair removal, you should shave the area to be treated and allow stubble to grow back. Don't wax or pluck the hair, or undergo electrolysis three weeks before treatment.

What are the side effects of Laser Hair Removal

Most people leave the session with a bit of a temporary redness and swelling that lasts less than 5 minutes leaving no side effects.

Are there any dangerous risks to Laser Hair Removal?

The FDA has approved laser hair removal as a safe procedure. To-date, there have been no illnesses or diseases related to the laser. In fact, our everyday exposure to the sun has seen more significant risks than the use of the laser.

What areas can the laser treat?
Aside from the area close to the eye, almost any area of the body with excess hair can be treated with lasers. Most commonly, patients ask for treatments for their face, upper lip, neck, chest, breasts, underarms, back, abdomen, bikini line and legs.

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