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Why Should I Avoid Cheap Liposuction in Tysons Corner

Your search for a fantastic option for body fat removal is over now that you’ve decided on liposuction, also referred to as lipo. Now, it’s time to choose a lipo provider. So, when you see a great deal for cheap liposuction in Tysons Corner, you may be tempted to try it and save a few bucks and go with the surgeon offering the lowest price.

Take a few moments to find out why you should avoid cheap liposuction.

Why Should I Avoid Cheap Liposuction in Tysons Corner?

The price of liposuction depends on a number of factors. If liposuction seems especially cheap, then it is very likely that some corners are being cut in some of these areas. Even if it is less expensive in the short term, it may end up costing you more in the long term.

1. An Unexperienced Surgeon Can Lead to Bad Liposuction Results - And Worse

One reason liposuction can be cheap is due to the skill level of the surgeon. There’s more at risk here than just simply not losing as much fat as you wanted.

An inexperienced surgeon may perform fat removal unevenly. Also, they may damage your nerves and cause permanent numbness, or they may not be as careful, so there is a risk of infection or necrosis. An uneven contour is also a risk of lipo that’s cheap, though it’s purely a cosmetic issue.

2. Your Liposuction Surgeon Near Tysons Corner May Be Cutting Necessary Costs That Help Keep You Safe

Any proper surgeon should require medical tests and labs before performing a medical procedure. If the price is low, this may mean that corners are being cut related to what tests are being performed before or after your procedure, which is a safety concern.

For Safe, Quality Liposuction in Tysons Corner With Amazing Results, Trust Dr. Pat Palumbo!

Dr. Palumbo at BodySculpture Nova has years of experience with providing high-quality liposuction. Dr. Palumbo’s surgical team works hard to make sure that you have the best treatments and results possible, while also offering affordable treatment that’s better than cheap liposuction in Tysons Corner. To make an appointment, call us today at 703-596-4928. It’s time to achieve the body of your dreams through liposuction!

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