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CO2 Laser Facial in Tyson VA

3 Skin Conditions a CO2 Laser Facial in Tyson, VA Will Help Eliminate for Clear Skin

It's all over magazines, featured at MedSpas, and suggested by dermatologists – it's a CO2 laser facial, which can address a wide variety of skin conditions. We're going to review three common skin conditions that a CO2 laser facial in Tyson, VA can eliminate!

Acne Scarring

Acne can be painful and cause your self-esteem to plummet with long-lasting scars. CO2 lasers are a great option to treat acne scars, because it can be used on the entire face.

The energy created from the laser beam gets rid of scar tissue, which is replaced with new, healthy tissue.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

If you're interested in getting a CO2 laser facial in Tyson, VA, you'll be happy to know that the procedure can also address fine lines and wrinkles. When the laser is used on the treatment area, the energy goes down into the skin's deeper layers.

In addition to the surface benefits, this stimulates collagen production, which can reduce or completely eliminate the appearance of wrinkles.

Age Spots and Uneven Skin Tone

Other conditionS a CO2 laser facial can help you overcome are age spots and uneven skin tone. Similar to the way the laser works to eliminate acne scars, the laser can exfoliate discoloration away. These discolored areas are then replaced with new skin.

Your doctor determines the depth of the laser and the amount of energy used, so the key is to find an experienced practitioner.

Where to Find a Great Provider for a CO2 Laser Facial in Tyson, VA

The best way to find an experienced doctor for a laser facial is to call BodySculpture Nova, where you’ll find skilled CO2 laser facial expert, Dr. Pat Palumbo.

Dr. Palumbo offers facial rejuvenation with the gold standard CO2 laser and has many years of experience helping men and women achieve amazing results. Call us at 703-689-1990 to book a consultation today!

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