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How Long Does Liposuction Really Last?

If you’re tired of dealing with problem areas that just aren’t being solved with exercise or dieting, liposuction can be a great tool to get you the body you’ve been working for.

It can help remove fat and give a more desirable contour.

But, how long does liposuction really last? Before we can answer that question, we have to review what causes those problem areas in the first place.

Why Does Stubborn Fat Accumulate in Certain Areas?

You have a finite number of fat cells in your body, and by the time you reach adulthood, those fat cells have found their forever homes in certain areas of your body.

So, if you have a specific number of fat cells, why does your body shape change? When you gain weight, your fat cells expand, and when you lose weight, the cells shrink.

How Long Does Liposuction Really Last?

When you get lipo, fat cells are suctioned out of the body. While the fat cells are permanently removed, that doesn’t mean that you won’t gain weight again. So, how long does liposuction really last? It depends on you.

If you maintain an exercise routine and eat a healthy diet, your amazing liposuction results can be permanent. On the other hand, if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can gain weight pretty quickly.

The good news is that even if you gain some of the weight back, an experienced surgeon will have contoured in a way that makes the weight gain less noticeable.

Where Can I Find an Experienced Liposuction Surgeon in Northern Virginia for Sensational Results?

Now that we’ve addressed the question, "How long does liposuction really last," the next step is to find a knowledgeable and experienced surgeon. Thankfully that part is easy!

Just call our office at 703-689-1990 to book a consultation with skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Pat Palumbo!

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