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Laser Leg Vein Removal in Falls Church

Utilizing bursts of high-intensity laser light, laser vein removal causes visible leg veins to fade away.

If eradicating the appearance of unsightly leg veins is on your agenda this year so you can wear shorts without the worry of someone noticing your spider veins, rest assured that laser vein removal can help!

Why Choose Laser Vein Removal?

With laser leg vein removal for spider veins and other concerns, you don’t have to undergo surgery.

Not only do you avoid the risks of going under the knife, but you also avoid downtime afterward. You can return to work or other activity after your procedure. This amazing laser treatment is affordable, safe, and effective!

What Does Leg Vein Removal Feel Like?

A local anesthetic is utilized for laser leg vein removal, making it virtually pain free. You may experience minimal discomfort, similar to a light pinch or the snap of a rubber band as the laser works to eliminate troublesome veins.

When Will I See Vein Removal Results?

You may experience some swelling and bruising after laser vein treatment, which may last for several days.

Over the following week, you will start to notice an improvement in the appearance of your leg veins. Full results may take two to six weeks.

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Leg Vein Removal?

If you have visible signs of leg veins, are not pregnant, do not take anticoagulants, and are in overall good health, you may be a great candidate for laser vein removal.

With laser vein removal, there is no pain, and no vein. Contact us today at 703-689-1990 to book a consultation to see if you’re a good candidate for laser leg vein removal in Falls Church.

With just one call, you could be on your way to eliminating unsightly leg veins well in time for shorts season!

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