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Liposculpture or Liposuction in McLean, Virginia: How to Choose

If you’re trying to get rid of stubborn body fat that isn’t going away with diet and exercise alone, you may have started looking at other options. Two of the top options you have are liposculpture and liposuction. Both are solid choices, each with their own advantages.

So, should you get liposculpture or liposuction in McLean, Virginia?

What Exactly Is Liposculpture?

Liposculpture is a way of eliminating fat cells without the need for general anesthesia. First, a small amount of saline solution is injected into the target area. This helps numb the area, while expanding the treated area to make it easier to get rid of the fat cells. Then, small incisions are made and probes are inserted. These probes remove the unwanted fat cells while leaving the rest of the tissue untouched. The cells mix with the saline and are expelled through a small cannula.

So, What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction, or lipo, is another way of eliminating those stubborn fat cells, with the use of general anesthesia. After anesthesia is given, the incisions are made and a surgical vacuum is inserted. This vacuum uses a back-and-forth motion to release fat cells, much like during liposculpture. Once the cells have been released and removed, the vacuum is removed. Bandages are then placed to help cover the incisions and put pressure on the treatment area, which helps to reshape it.

Which Is Better - Liposculpture or Liposuction in McLean, Virginia? Here’s the Bottom Line!

Many factors go into determining which treatment will be right for you. Neither is better than the other, as both have their benefits. Your treatment plan will be completely up to you and your provider. It’s important to discuss pros and cons of each, and be specific about what your final goals are. This will help make sure you choose the right form of lipo for you.

It’s Time to Get a Body Sculpting Expert to Help You Decide!

If you think you’re ready to try liposculpture or liposuction in McLean, Virginia, but you aren’t sure which one you’d like, let Dr. Pat Palumbo help! Call us today at 703-596-4928 to schedule a consultation, so Dr. Palumbo can give you more information to help you make an informed decision about these sensational body sculpting techniques!

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