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Risks for Black Skin Laser Hair Removal in Vienna, Virginia?

Looking for a fast, easy way to achieve hair-free skin? Then you need laser hair removal (LHR), which is great for anyone who wants to quit shaving but doesn’t want hair regrowth. Perhaps you have heard that Black skin laser hair removal in Vienna, Virginia is not okay.

Here is what you need to know about LHR and risks this treatment holds for dark skin.

What Are the Risks of LHR for Black Skin?

With traditional LHR systems that first hit the scene, some of the risks for those with Black skin included burning, blisters, and hyperpigmentation. This was because the lasers relied on being able to distinguish the contrast between pigment in dark hair and light skin.

These unsophisticated lasers could not distinguish between dark hair pigment and dark skin pigment. But, modern lasers are much safer. In fact, they are “color blind” so that people of all skin tones are eligible for laser hair removal!

Is Any Laser Hair Removal Safe for Black Skin?

Yes, now that more advanced laser systems exist, nearly all lasers are safe for dark skin tones. Some of the lasers work by penetrating deeper by using a different wavelength of light, keeping the pigment in the skin protected.

Other laser systems work slower and have cooling mechanisms, and this allows the skin to cool more during the process, reducing the risk of possible damage such as painful burning and blistering.

Where Can I Find Great Black Skin Laser Hair Removal in Vienna, Virginia?

Body Sculpture Nova is the place to be when you want to ditch shaving, waxing, plucking, and other temporary hair reduction treatments. Our Black skin laser hair removal in Vienna, Virginia expert, Dr. Pat Palumbo, is here to give you the silky-smooth, hair-free skin you want! Give us a call at 703-596-4928 to book a consultation to learn more about LHR for dark skin.

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