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What Should I Expect During a Free Liposuction Consult for Me?

When you look in the mirror, do you find yourself pinching those extra inches around your middle and imagining how great you’d look if only that extra fat were gone?

Dream no more - liposuction can help you love the way you look, so you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. If you’re considering this amazing procedure, here’s what to expect during a free liposuction consult for me.

During a Free Liposuction Consult for Me, Your Surgeon Will Ask About Your Surgical Goals, So They Can Be Sure to Provide You With Amazing Results

Your liposuction specialist wants to ensure you are happy with your results, so your consultation will include your treatment options to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

Your doctor will recommend a surgical plan to help you meet those goals, as well as discuss the results to expect. They’ll also review the risks of liposuction in addition to the benefits.

You Will Also Talk to Your Doctor About Your Health History

Be sure to bring a list of your current medications, supplements, and health conditions, including any drug allergies you may have. Your liposuction doctor will evaluate your health to ensure that you’re an ideal candidate for a safe and effective procedure.

You Should Expect to Be Prepared for Your Liposuction Consultation With a List Questions

Now is the best time to ask questions about your procedure, including how to prepare for your procedure, post-surgical instructions, what to expect from treatment, and anything else you're curious about.

You can also ask to see before and after photos from their patients, so you get a better idea of their skill and expertise.

Here’s How to Book Your Liposuction Consultation Near Vienna

Booking a free liposuction consult for me is so easy! Simply call us today at 703-889-1990, or request an appointment online!

Skilled liposuction surgeon, Dr. Pat Palumbo would love to meet with you to discuss treatment options for helping you achieve your ideal image!

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