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Where Do I Get the Safest Liposuction in Tysons Corner, Virginia?

Over 400,000 Liposuction Procedures Are Performed Annually, So It’s a Pretty Safe Surgery Overall

Considering liposuction to help remove those lost few inches of stubborn fat? As the most popular of all cosmetic procedures, liposuction (lipo) helps you achieve targeted body contouring, so you get exactly the shape you want, exactly where you want it.

In just one short treatment session, you can have love handles, belly fat, bat wings, saddlebags, and other stubborn fat pockets eliminated for a sexier, slimmer you.

But is all lipo safe? And where can you get the safest liposuction in Tysons Corner, Virginia?

These are excellent questions to ask when considering any type of medical or cosmetic procedure!

Overall, lipo is an amazingly safe procedure, and the benefits of lipo far outweigh the risks. You can make it even safer by choosing the right surgeon.

Here’s the Scoop: BodySculpture Nova Offers the Safest Liposuction in Tysons Corner, Virginia

The number one way that we ensure the safest liposuction is that cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Pat Palumbo, only accepts liposuction patients who are in good overall health. Patients that have a weak immune system, are overweight, have chronic health issues, and / or that smoke are not good candidates for this procedure and will be turned away.

Additionally, Dr. Palumbo never removes too much fat during a lipo session, which carries risk. He carefully monitors patients during the surgery to ensure a smooth procedure.

With his medical background, he is able to anticipate any issues that may arise before they occur, and he is equipped to handle any risks during and immediately after lipo.

Fit Back Into Your Clothes and Experience a Healthier New You With Lipo From BodySculpture Nova

Ready to learn more about how liposuction can help improve your quality of life? Call us today at 703-689-1990, or request an appointment online now, and let us give you the body shaping results that diet and exercise alone couldn’t achieve for you!

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