Spider veins are a household name for the small, spider-like veins that are dilated and visible on the surface of skin. They commonly appear purple, red or blue and their distribution is similar to those of a spider web. The way we remove spider veins at BodySculpture Nova is to use a laser to heat up the spider veins and destroy them while leaving nearby skin intact, minimizing the risk for scarring or skin injury. We use the Candela Gentle Yag to induce coagulation or solidification of blood and disturbance to the vascular bed.


After you receive a spider vein treatment Vienna, you will witness your spider veins change in color from a deeper blue or purple into a light red or pink. Time it takes for them to fully disappear is typically between 2 weeks to just over a month (6 weeks). Immediately following your treatment, you may observe inflammation or bulging vessels become less noticeable. 


We recommend you use sun protection or abstain from sun exposure entirely after a laser spider vein treatment Vienna at BodySculpture Nova. Do not use medication containing Aspirin, a blood thinner. We can schedule as many laser spider vein treatments necessary to fully treat spider veins or address newly formed ones. Typically, an additional 1 to 3 laser spider vein removal treatments spaced 6 weeks apart is the norm. Treatment frequency depends entirely on your severity of vascular lesions.

Goodbye Spider Veins! Hello Confidence.


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